Vinyl delayed but expected soon for February release.


7" single with immediate link to digital download. I'll need your email to send the digital download info. 


a side  along the hidden beach / a side turtle dove


Along The Hidden Beach is an original track set among the stones, sea foam, shipwrecks and lost bells of the Sussex coast. It started life as some lines from Kipling's 'Sussex.' I took my favourite four, gave them a melody and they were then manipulated to form the first hidden layer of the track. 


Liz Pearson - vocals

David Asher - saxon lyre, acoustic guitar

Terry Pack - double bass

Darren Pearson - horn arr


Turtle Dove is a traditional song collected in West Sussex. We chose the English melody, changing the rhythm for our version.


David Asher: acoustic guitar, mandolin

Ben Clennell: percussion

Darren Pearson: horn arr, production

Adam Seigel: flute, saxophone

Richard Walder:  tea chest bass

Liz Pearson: vocals


along the hidden beach / turtle dove 7" vinyl

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