Chapter 1 Reviews:



‘An inventive and intoxicating work, it launches both label and band in impressive form and, given the rich folklore history of Sussex, is hopefully just a foretaste of things to come.’  Mike Davies


‘Chalk Horse Music create a unique and electrifying blend of traditional and contemporary folk music using field recordings from their neck of the meadow in the UK’  The Unquiet Meadow

Every track on this wonderfully structured effort features a slice of the seaside county’  ***** 5/5 Maverick Magazine


‘Wonderfully original stuff from The Legend of Nan Tuck. Trad folk meets sampling and ambient production. We just want to turn off the lights and bury ourlseves in this sound.’  BBC Music Introducing The South


‘There’s some fascinating things on it, but I’m warning you, do not adjust your set, just hang on in there’ Genevieve Tudor


‘… each one is as good as the other and I did struggle with which one to decide to play… It’s beautiful.’ Steve Clarke


‘... this music melds the folkloric with the contemporary to striking effect, landing in the sweet spot between tunng, laura verse and the books.’  Resident, Brighton


‘I wandered into The Vinyl Frontier and had to ask what was the brilliant album they were playing. It was yours. It’s awesome.’ Gary Page


‘It’s Enya meets wandering minstrel’  Tony Williams

Hegemony 7" Single Reviews

'This is a very pleasant surprise. A lovely spirited, full bodied version. Didn't expect those horn blasts' Geoff Travis

Different, thoughtful, carefully put together... I love it... taken to a new level there by Chalk Horse Music'  Steve Clarke

'Chalk Horse Music weave trad folk with contemporary arrangements and storytelling. The result is sublime and completely compelling' Melita Dennett

'I think that's one of the best new releases I've heard this year. Congratulations to the band'  Roger Williams

'Lovely'  Bob Fischer

and thanks to Wono Magazine for this...

Thanks to Tom Robinson's  Reviewer KerryJK for this...

Thanks to Tom Robinson's  Reviewer KerryJK

and to Tom Robinson, Kathy Caton & Melita Dennett for the  BBC Radio support.

 Live review from Stephen Thomas at Folkroom:

'We were quietly blown away earlier this year by Chalk Horse Music, who combine folk tradition with bold reimaginings and come out with something completely unmatched in the English folk scene. Their songs draw inspiration from Sussex and the Downs; their music stuns.'

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