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Music: Inner_about

Chapter II: 7" singles available in the shop.

Chapter I: I See Fairises EP 

The Legend of Nan Tuck

Nan Tuck is a witch legend of a woman living in Buxted in the 1600s. She continues to be a focus of fear of the other as the ghost of Tuck Wood and there are still reports of sightings of her running down Tuck Lane. There are different versions of her story; one that she was a young woman with mental health issues, another that she poisoned a man and was pursued and killed by the villagers.

Bonfire parades have a long tradition in Sussex, pre-dating the gunpowder plot, and this track features recordings collected from various parades.

The Unquiet Grave

The vocal of this traditional song was recorded at Berwick Church, with kind permission from Revd Peter Blee. I initially intended an unaccompanied version but couldn't resist a musical dress.
It is difficult to tie songs to a particular area, but it does have a Sussex history, with the earliest reference I've found being 1868, words noted 'from the lips of a girl who repeated it to me' by Latham in West Sussex.

Tell Me Who

Set at Beachy Head. The seagulls were recorded at the site. It probably doesn’t matter to others, but for me, the site specific recording is an important element. Listen on the open-top pleasure bus from Eastbourne pier to Birling Gap in any weather.

For a Sunbeam

Includes a clip of RX Shantymen, recorded at one of their weekly sessions at The Jenny Lind, Hastings Old Town.

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