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Birds In The Spring released 15th September by Liz Overs

Available from digital streaming platforms and my Bandcamp page

Taken from The Nettle Dress documentary film that goes on general release 15th September. I'll be singing to open the film at some screenings. Trailer below.

The Nettle Dress, 'one of the most moving documentaries you'll see this year, director, Dylan Howitt, and textile artist, Allan Brown, weave together something truly profound.... Liz Overs soundtracks the startling, fresh verdancy with a transfixing rendition of ‘The Birds in Spring’   (TradFolk)

The Birds In The Spring (Roud 356) is a traditional song of unknown origin, learnt from the singing of Sussex's George Pop Maynard (recorded by Peter Kennedy for the BBC in 1956) and of course the wonderful version by The Copper Family.

I'm currently working on a solo album that will be part traditional, part original music, funded by a DYCP grant from The Arts Council. Other current work includes recording for a new Chalk Horse Music album and a music collaboration with stop-frame animator Grace Powell.

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