7" vinyl out March 2022

a side  Telling of the Bees / aa side Glorious Ascension

Telling the Bees is a well-known folklore practice of telling the bees important family news, such as births, deaths or weddings, the fear being that they would leave, stop producing honey or fly away if not kept informed. 


‘My first Hive was inherited from Adrienne Campbell who’s daughter Anna has just been in the news, having died whilst being a freedom fighter with the Kurdish people.’    A local beekeeper when I asked him for details of his life with bees.

This song was written in 2018 but is now getting a vinyl release.

Music by: 

Richard Walder – tea chest bass/vocals

David Asher – mandolin/acoustic guitar

Ben Clennell – drums/percussion

Darren Pearson – guitar/vocals/keys

Liz Pearson – autoharp/vocals